Frequently Asked Questions about our St.Thomas USVI villa rental with private pool…

What about Covid-19?

The Covid -19 virus is staying pretty steady on the island. Familiarize yourself with the ‘USVIUPDATE‘ website for current up-to-date information

Are there any house rules?

Our condominium association has many rules, as most condo’s do.  However, the most common are:  No Pets, No Parties, No Smoking.    We have a short term rental agreement that details our house rules, which you must agree to when booking.  

How Do I Check In?

We are part of a rental program, but you will go directly to our unit. Someone from ERM will greet you there. They will give you a keycode for the entry door and the door keys for the interior of the unit. You will also receive 2 (exchangeable daily) blue pool towels. Snorkel equipment is complimentary and available if you ask them. Security is there until midnight. If you arrive after dark, you may ask security to walk you to the unit.

How do I reach you if I have any questions to ask before our stay?

Feel free to email me thru our email: stt.poolvillas@gmail.com  Once you are booked, I will be happy to give you my personal cell number.

How do I get from the airport to the Villa?

You have Options!   You can rent a car at the airport (be sure to reserve in advance), OR take a private taxi for about $100,  OR choose an airport taxi van for approximately $20.00 US per person.  The taxi vans hold 8-10 people (plus luggage) and  they stop at various resorts along the way, to drop off their passengers. This is the most economical way to get to our place.

What is the best way to travel around the Island?

Depending upon your sense of adventure and what you wish to accomplish, you can rent a car or take a taxi or jump on a safari bus!

*Thrifty, Budget and Discount car rental companies are conveniently located, and can be rented for all or part of your trip.  

*Taxi’s are plentiful and fares are from point to point.  

*For around $1.00 or $2.00 US per person you can enjoy the local Safari  Buses!

Please remember, we drive on the left in the Virgin Islands.

What is the best way to reach you if I have any questions to ask during my stay?

Please feel free to text or call me while you’re on island.  OR email me thru our email: stt.poolvillas@gmail.com.   Also, sometimes it is easier to contact ERM.  They are available from 10am – 6pm.

Right before you leave on your trip I will message you and give you my cell phone to put into your cell phone so you can text or telephone me anytime. I’m also available thru email anytime.

How far is Red Hook?

The Town of Red Hook is about 1 mile from our complex.  If you take the Safari bus, It’ll be a quick 5 minute ride and cost’s $1.00 each. You will have to take a taxi back to the villa though, as the Safari bus only goes one way.  Cost of the taxi back, is about $4.00 each

Where is the Ferry to St. John?

The Ferry to St. John is right at the beginning of the town of Red Hook, where the parking garage is. The Safari bus normally stops right there as there are many people who get on & off the Safari at that point.

Where is the nearest restaurant?

Pangea Terra Table Restaurant is located right on our complex property, near the lobby.  It’s an Open-air, farm-to-table style restaurant, with a good view of St. John!.  The next closest, is ‘Sudi’s‘.  A neat bar & grill located at the Sapphire Village/Hill complex.

Where is the Grocery Store?

Moe’s Fresh Market‘ is the closest grocery store, and is located in Red Hook just across and down the street from the ferry terminal.  Moe’s is a very nice upscale store and has most of everything you will need. They also offer complimentary provisioning services if you like.  (Check out their website, and place an order for delivery.  Your groceries and refreshments will be waiting for you).    A larger and more locally flavored grocery store, ‘Food Center‘ is just another mile further down the road from Red Hook. It’s a larger store, both for food and refreshments, but they do not deliver.  

Do you have a BBQ?

We have a gas bbq on the patio. We try to keep it a newer bbq, but you use it at your own risk. Check the tank in the day, before using it. If the tank feels empty, let the front desk know so they can make arrangements to change out the tank during office hours. If it is after hours and you run out of gas, you have to wait until the following day. (sorry). Please clean the bbq after each use, or at the end of your stay, at the very minimum. thank you.

Can I rent snorkel gear?

Yes!, snorkel gear for our guests is complimentary.  As are the (daily) exchangeable pool towels.  You only have to ask upon arrival!

And Sapphire beach has a dive shop where they rent non-motorized water toys.

Do You have WiFi?

Yes, we have complimentary high speed wifi and cable in the villa.

I heard that power goes out often on the island. Do you have a generator?

Yes, to both questions. We have a large property-wide generator. There is about a 3-5 second delay for it to kick in, but returns to public power seamlessly. The generator also covers the front desk and the restaurant !

How often is the pool cleaned?

Because of Covid, the manager has tried to eliminate interaction between guests and employees. Therefore, the pool will be clean for your arrival and chemicals will be maintained. There is also a skimmer net on top of the pool wall for your use to grab up any leaves. If the pool gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, make arrangements with the front desk to schedule a time. You will need to be out of the unit for a minimum of 4 hours on the scheduled day.

Do you have a washer and dryer?

There is a coin operated washer and dryer up at the bridge near the office. They are in good shape, and maintained by our head maintenance man.

Do you have a safe?

Yes, we have a safe. It should be locked upon your arrival. If you would like use of it, text me once you are on island and I will give you a code for your personal use (while on island).

Do I need to be careful with any personal hygiene stuff? There are always new products coming out on the market to try.

Yes. and definitely yes. Our property – as many properties on the island are – is on a septic system. Please Don’t put anything but toilet paper down the toilet. Most of us are used to sewer systems in North America, but on a small island in the middle of the Caribbean, they are on septic. Please be mindful of this and only put toilet paper down it. Everything else goes into the garbage.